Reels on Instagram are very similar to TikTok. Facebook announced the Instagram reels as a new path to create short and entertaining videos on Instagram and discover entertaining and short videos on Instagram. Reels are nothing but an add on to the stories on Instagram. So that you all will have fifteen minutes to make a powerful story. Better you get creative, since the users of the Reels have the experience on TikTok, with various tricks that will shock you in a better way. 


The Stories on Instagram are a very famous feature that will enable the users of Instagram to post different kinds of short forms of photos and videos that will disappear after twenty-four hours. Do not forget the Instagram Stories is also a copy of Snapchat. After 24 hours, Instagram stories are disappearing because it is ephemeral content. Ephemeral content is nothing but a great media that is accessible only temporarily before it invisible. The Instagram Reels may take many forms like narrative stories, product demo, live stream videos and photos, and much more. This Ephemeral content is primarily published on the three big social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. If you have saved the Instagram stories once they are expired, then you can create a Stories highlight on Instagram. 


Reels was launched by Instagram, which is an add on to the Instagram stories. If you are missing some IG story features, no worries because they are not gone. They are now in various places. The changed features on the Instagram stories are Hand Free, Super Zoom, Layout features, Boomerang features, and the creator’s features.  There is a permanent location for Reels videos you create on Instagram, like your IGTV videos. Since your content will have some longevity and creativity, it is a huge benefit by get Instagram Reels views.  When you are sharing your Reels as Instagram Stories, then your story will disappear in twenty-four hours, but not your content of Reels. You will notice a content of the Reels at the top when you use the Search Bar or Explore Bar. once you have created your first Reel on your profile, you will able to see the video icon on your Instagram profile. With your original audio, anyone can record a reel on Instagram. If you have a private account on Instagram, then your approved fans can share your Reels and see your Reels. If you have a public account on Instagram, then everyone on the Instagram community can see your Reels. You can make your brand virally by using the same strategies which are used in TikTok.  Topmost influencers on TikTok use a famous hashtag #fyp that means for your page, where all the places you can see TikTok’s viral content.