5 Effortless Tips To Get More Engagement On Instagram Reels

Instagram rolled out Reels, it’s the brand-new way to engage and attach with your audience.

Do you think it will help the user to grow and shine on Instagram?

Instagram Reels is the new feature added on the Instagram platform, which was introduced early to beat Tiktok. It allows the users to create pocket-size videos to share tips, inspire, or build funny vibes. If any new platform is released, in the starting stage, gaining organic reach is difficult. Just remember, your videos must be funny, hilarious, creative, most importantly, it must be real and spontaneous. 

If you create Reels featuring some songs, hashtags, effects, your videos will display on that particular page. Every time, people click on that song, hashtags, or effects.  

Let’s spot some tips to be followed for your upcoming Reels videos. 

Watch Time Is Crucial 

Entice your audience to watch your Instagram Reels video. Usually, your Reels videos will not extend more than 15 seconds; your job is to make your audience engage those 15 seconds as possible. When you post videos, your ultimate objective must be to influence your audience to watch your video completely. 

The Instagram algorithm, see your retention time as the critical metrics to measure your Reels videos. If you have good retention time, you have more chances to appear in your videos in front of a larger audience. If you’re familiar with the TikTok platform, then you will know how to grow on Instagram Reels. 

Make Use Of Feed 

Promote your Reels video in your feed area to get maximum reach and exposure. While posting your Instagram Reels, ensure that you click the box also share to feed options. By sharing your Reel to feed, you can generate engagement from your followers. It will help to obtain Instagram Reels Views and more visibility to your videos. Then, that engagement and visibility will push your videos on the explore page. So, concentrate on generating engagement for your videos. It helps to get featured on an explore page. 

Re-Watch Is Matter 

Create videos that must influence your audience to watch them multiple times. By creating engaging and quality content, you can win your audience’s heart. First of all, on Instagram Reels, you need to focus on two things: you want your audience to watch your videos without skipping. Next, make your audience watch your videos again and again. If the audience watches your content multiple times, then Instagram will accept that your content is engaging. Instagram will display your content to more people. Hence, think about how to impress the audience.

Go With The Trend  

Keep an eye on trending videos, like TikTok, if you post videos on trending videos, you have more chances to get bags of views. It can be anything, either it will be a popular song, dialogue, and dance move when it comes to trends. As soon as you spot trending videos, start doing videos on that. 

Keep Attracting Cover

Think, if people are scrolling your Instagram feed or Reels feed, if you’re setting an attractive cover to your videos. It influences your audience to click on it, and Instagram will notice that. If your video gets more clicks, then Instagram will likely promote your videos on the Reels tab. 


Instagram Reels is an entirely new platform; many people started engaging on it. It’s time to create your videos; if you have a featured Reel, you will receive bags of view. In this way, you can get more followers rate and engagement for your profile. All these tips will assist you in gaining more attention to your Instagram and Reels.  

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.