A Simple Guide To Create Amazing Instagram Reels Content

The wildly popular Instagram has video features such as stories and IGTV. However, in August 2020, it introduced new video format content features called Reels, which is a 15-30 seconds multi-clips video. It allows people to create and share with their followers. According to recent reports, Instagram has 1.074 billion users worldwide in 2021, which is 73.5 million more than its number of users in 2020 and crosses one billion people for the first time. From the above proven statistics, you know that Instagram users are increasing day by day, and since Reels launched, it is even increasing its users.

How To Create Your First Reels Content?

Open the Instagram app on your phone and click the plus icon (+) tab to open the camera. Select the Reels option.

In the Reels, you’ll notice the four icons such as music, efforts, speed, timer.

Music: When you are a creator or personal purpose using Reels, you’ll be able to add popular music to your videos. Marketers can use original audio in their videos.

Speed: Use the speed option and adjust your video or audio’s speed like speed up or slow down.

Effects: Choose this option to try multiple AR filters and select the best effects for your content.

Timer: The timer option helps to record your videos without using your hands.

Align: After you’ve recorded your multi-clips of Reel, you’ll notice another feature called “align”, which helps to order your clips. This allows film your videos to smooth transitions.                                                                                   

Using these features to film your videos is attractive. Get started recording or uploading the content (don’t upload images because it is video format content) from your mobile’s gallery.        

People are more likely to click and watch videos that re more discussed and have  a lot of comments. If your reels video has very few views, you could straightaway buy Instagram Reels comments to make your video seem containing more interaction and comments leading to increased engagement and brand loyalty. 

Editing And Sharing

Once you’re happy with your Reels, edit your video using tools such as Text, draw, emojis, GIFs, and stickers at the top of the screen. When you add text or draw over the video, keep the mind where you place it. There are a number of stickers on Instagram, and choose the suitable stickers for your content. 

Before sharing your video, write the caption and hashtags. Are you creating a video with dialogue? You should add captions over the video, which will help those who are deaf. Hashtags will help the audiences find and watch your videos. So, add the caption relevant to your video. Now, it’s time to share your video.

Wrapping up

Instagram Reels had only been available a few months ago, but it reached the audience skyrocketing height and will certainly keep growing in popularity. As a brand, you should consider using Reels to build your brand and become famous in your marketing place.